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Caliber Home Loans, Inc. is pleased to offer our Homeowner's Access product for borrowers who can demonstrate the ability to repay, but otherwise don’t meet agency guidelines due to various reasons, including:

  • Prior housing/credit events
  • High DTI
  • Non-traditional credit
  • Lack of mortgage or rental history
  • 100% gift funds allowed

As our Wholesale business partner, you can use our Homeowner’s Access product to reach more borrowers and help them achieve homeownership for the first time or help them re-establish homeownership after a housing/credit event.

Loan Features:

  • Max Loan Amount is $1,500,000
  • ≥ 24 months seasoning on BK 7 & 11/FC/PFC/DIL
  • DTI up to 50%
  • Purchase money, Rate Term, Cash-out refinance and Debt consolidation 
  • Non-warrantable condominiums including condotels
  • Unlimited number of financed properties on primary residence 
  • Multiple housing events allowed
  • 5/1 ARM and 30 year Fixed options available
  • Maximum LTV 90% with 660 FICO
  • Minimum FICO 610
  • 100% Gift from family members
  • First Time Homebuyers allowed
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Rent-free borrowers allowed
  • Maximum cash back $500,000 up to 80% LTV and 660 FICO 

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