Our most innovative product yet!

Jun 28, 2019
Wholesale Investor Access


We’ve added another product to our Caliber Portfolio Lending suite, Investor Access, our most innovative product yet!


This product is one more way that CPL gives Business Partners a competitive edge over the competition by serving families looking to expand their real estate portfolios. Essentially, Investor Access is a non-agency, business loan made on a residential property. Instead of evaluating the income of the individual borrower, we are analyzing the property and its cash flow to establish the DTI and ability to repay.


Fish in another pond: Investor Access opens doors to different types of referral partners who manage investor portfolios, including real estate assets, on behalf of their clients.


Help their Realtor partners: On national average, most Realtors close fewer than four transactions per year. Closing one more transaction increases their income by 25%.


Tap into a different client base: Since Caliber Underwriters primarily look at property cash flow, this allows an individual or LLC to purchase investment properties without providing their personal income documentation. Business Partners can become an expert at the harder-to-originate products and add value in a way that others cannot.



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