Put your non-agency production on the fast track with Caliber Smart Start

Jan 31, 2020

Smart Start Blog Post

Caliber’s suite of non-agency products can help you turn no’s into yes’s by recognizing that not every borrower’s story fits into agency guidelines. And now producing these loans is easier than ever! Caliber Wholesale has created a powerful web-based tool to give you the information you need to close non-agency loans faster and easier than ever before.

In just a few clicks, Caliber Smart Start validates loan parameters against Caliber Portfolio Lending guidelines, finds Caliber products for unique borrowers, and delivers faster processing with more accurate discoveries. Smart Start uses innovative technology to bring together portfolio scenarios, pricing, and borrower information to yield faster pre-qualification and closing. This will empower you to move ahead faster on documentation and processing with no guesswork. It’s that seamless. It’s that powerful.

Three Smart Steps

Our business partners access Smart Start findings in three steps: 
First, run eligibility and obtain pricing
Second, upload the 3.2 file and re-issue credit
Third, access the finding and submit the file to Caliber.

The streamlined process provides a clear view of the documentation needed based on the FNMA 3.2 file and credit report. This tool will guide processors, underwriters, and loan officers through the processing and documentation of these loans. Everything is covered.

Level-up your non-agency performance today! Contact your Caliber Account Executive to learn more about our growing line of non-agency products or visit BrokerSmartStart.com.